urea ammonium nitrate

Total Nitrogen % by weight minimum 32
Urea % by weight typical 40.9 to 31.2
Amine Nitrogen from Urea 19.1 to 14.5
% by weight

Ammonium Nitrate % by weight typical 36.9 to 49.9

Nitrate Nitrogen from Ammonium 10.0 to 13.5
Nitrate % by weight

% Ammoniacal Nitrogen from 2.9 to 3.9
Ammonium Nitrate % by weight

Ammonia % by weight typical < 0.15 maximum (unbound)
Water % by weight typical 22.1 to 18.8
Ammonium Nitrate to Urea Ratio 0.9 to 1.6
Corrosion Inhibitor % by weight typical 0.03 to 0.05
Solution Weight at 60°F (lbs/gal) ~11
Salt-out temperature oF 40 to 32 degrees
Fertilizer Nutrition Designation 32-0-0

 Product description

The urea/ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution is created

By dissolution of the amide and nitrate salt in water. It may have a slight ammonia odor.

Approximately 35% urea blended with 45% ammonium nitrate makes a fertilizer

Solution that is 32% nitrogen by weight.

Application recommendations

  • The lowest salt-out temperature possible for UAN 32 is 32o F at a ratio of 1.30 ammonium Nitrate to urea.
  • Urea is used as a slow release fertilizer. It must be decomposed by microorganisms

Before it can be assimilated by plants. The ammonium nitrate is the fast release part

Of the fertilizer. The plants quickly absorb the nitrate ion and ammonium ion for immediate Metabolism.

  • consult your local fertilizer dealer for application recommendations

Transportation, storage and handling

  • The transport of UAN does not require a dot placard
  • Urea/ammonium nitrate solution will decompose into ammonia, carbon dioxide and Nitric acid at 237o
  • Always wash vessels containing UAN thoroughly before attempting repairs requiring Welding
  • Always restrict it from the drainage should a large spill of UAN solution occur.
  • the high nitrogen content (32%) will kill foliage if not diluted
  • UAN can be handled by the municipal water treatment facility if spilled in a municipality